Bulbs in the winter

Bulbs in the Winter Coloring flower. Always a beautifull coloring flower in your house.

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Alfresco frosted white double amaryllis of imposing stature with round symmetrical blooms. The whole centre of the flower...
From Price €7.50

Amadeus Candy

Amaryllis Amadeus Candy A comparatively new variety and heralded as one of the best and most striking of the race. Full and...
From Price €7.50


Amaryllis Ambiance medium sized white flowers boldly brushed red around a shiny green throat. FSparkling, outward facing...
From Price €7.50


Amaryllis Aphrodite One of the most marvellous amaryllis in cultivation. Large, ruffled, very double white flowers flushed...
From Price €7.50


Amaryllis Appleblossom, without amaryllis the cold and grey of winter is difficult to bear. Here is one with an amazing...
From Price €9.08


Barbados Magnificent velvety dark red amaryllis marked by a white centre star, the colour contrast between the outer rim and...
From Price €7.50


Benfica frosted white double amaryllis of imposing stature with round symmetrical blooms. One of the largest and by far...
From Price €7.50


Charisma fRemarkable amaryllis, unrivalled in its particular colour. Remarkable amaryllis, unrivalled in its particular...
From Price €7.50


Chico This beautiful and rare amaryllis is a descendent of the wild Hippeastrum of South America. The red and green...
From Price €7.50

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift Fabulous, undemanding bulb producing big, fat, snow-white flowers touched green in the throat Beautiful in...
From Price €7.50

Coral Beach

Coral Beach The sheen on the surface is amazing, almost like that on the inside of a sea shell. When in bloom it seems...
Price €0.00

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen  Double amaryllis resemble large Victorian ornaments and are fast becoming the fashion. This candy-striped...
From Price €7.50


Elvas An amaryllis in a class by itself. Large double flowers with ruffled, glistening white petals penciled and brushed...
Price €0.00

Exotic Star

Exotic Star A beautiful amaryllis with a grace and colour all its own. The flowers are soft green with dark red lines...
From Price €7.50


Exposure One of the best and tallest of the pink-toned varieties, the colour soft but bright, with a white centre star and a...
From Price €7.50

Flamenco Queen

Flamenco Queen A strangely beautiful and flamboyant amaryllis. The white ground of the flower is covered in speckles,...
Price €0.00

Floris Hekker

Floris Hekker An easy to grow and extremely floriferous red amaryllis. A variety that stands out on account of its...
From Price €7.50


Gervase A strikingly different variety showing an incredible blending of pink stripes and brushes on a white background....
From Price €7.50

Happy Nymph

Happy Nymph Large showy flowers of excellent substance and a colour as dazzling as scarlet as can be. The immense double...
Price €0.00

La Paz

La Paz One of the most exquisite of the wild varieties, very floriferous and perhaps the easiest to grow. Loose, open...
From Price €7.50

Magical Touch

Magical Touch A superb new variety with an intensity of colour not found in other flowers. The dark raspberry-red petals...
From Price €7.50


Misty Elegant stems carrying clusters of flaring pink trumpets. The flowers are smaller than those of the common amaryllis...
From Price €7.50

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo An especially vigorous variety with immense ruby-pink blooms centred around a bold white star. The foliage,...
From Price €7.50


Naranja A cheerful amaryllis bringing much-needed colour to the indoor winter garden. The flowers are large and many and...
From Price €7.50

Bulbs in the Winter

Coloring flower.

Always a beautifull coloring flower in your house.

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