Alliums are an indispensable part of every garden border. Their flowers offer a link between the end of spring and early summer just at the time when the garden needs them. Their foliage emerges early in spring but by flowering time it is beginning to die back.
The advantage is that even the largest varieties take up little space in a border and can easily be slipped in between other plants. Used singly or in wide drifts and groups they not only bring colour to the garden, but the characteristic round seed heads can remain a feature for many months. While in bloom all Allium are much loved by bees and butterflies.


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Caeruleum,  Blue Garlic. A handsome and desirable kind with compact 4cm diameter heads of soft true blue flowers in late...
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Christophii,  One of the best of the ornamental alliums. In early summer it carries colossal, spherical heads of starry,...
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Cowanii,  this onion gets good marks because it is one of the earliest allium to flower, lasting well in the garden, even...
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Forelock,  a very odd and yet wonderful type of allium with tall, narrow twisted stems carrying round, deep green 8cm...
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Gladiator,  compact 12cm globes of lilac-purple on naked 1m tall stems. The flowers last for more than a month and remain...
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Karataviense 'Ivory Queen'

Karataviense 'Ivory Queen'  a wonderful plant, equally striking in foliage and flower. The whole centre of the flower is...
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Moly  'Jeannine' The Yellow Lily Leek of Spanish woodlands and a popular, old garden favourite. A charming miniature with...
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Mount Everest

Mount Everest,  cool, creamy-white globes – the size of a grapefruit – on top of 1m stems in late spring and early summer....
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Nigrum var. multibulborum

Nigrum var. multibulborum Splendid allium making a marvellous garden ornament in early summer. The domed white heads have...
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Oreophilum,  pretty dwarf allium with loose heads of warm pink flowers in early summer. In the garden this is a comely...
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Ostara In a family that favours violets and purples this bordeaux-mauve is a welcome change. Nicely rounded flowers of...
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Purple Rain

Purple Rain Huge flower-heads of sparkling wine-purple on relatively short stems. Each head easily holds over a hundred...
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Schubertii A bizarre and yet beautiful allium that draws the eye by its arresting, almost primordial looks. By late spring...
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Sphaerocephalon rumstick Onion. A rather tall growing small-flowered allium of tremendous charm. Pear-shaped flower heads...
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