Bulbs in pots

We cannot over-emphasize the usefulness of growing bulbs in pots and planters. At a time when gardens are becoming smaller, potted bulbs can be used on patios or moved into prime sites in beds and borders, to brighten up your garden for a surprising number of months.

The possibilities are as wide as the range of bulbs from which to choose. The novice will find  potted bulbs easy and experienced gardeners with little time can get spectacular results. And since pots are mobile ornaments, you have to worry less about how they fit into the larger picture. The instant garden has arrived!

In this section we list just a few of the many bulbs that can be grown in pots.

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Narcissus Actaea

Narcissus Actaea, Poet's Narcissus. Round white flower centered around a red-and-yellow eye. There is something about this...
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Narcissus Golden Bells

Narcissus Golden Bells, Hoop Petticoat. Jolly little bulb from the Pyrenees, different in form and effect from any other...
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Narcissus Peeping Tom

Narcissus Peeping Tom, Charming flower with rolled back petals and a long tubular trumpet. The flowers are dark yellow...
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Narcissus Precocious

Narcissus Precocious, An astonishing beauty with white petals surrounding an extremely large, prettily frilled peachy-pink...
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Wild Tulip turkestanica

Wild Tulip turkestanica, In early spring it sends up a profusion of starry white flowers with orange-yellow hearts borne 4-8...
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