Wild Tulips

Wild tulips open up a world of adventure, calling us from the beaten track into the unknown. They are the ancestors of today's spectacular garden tulip cultivars. Surving in the harsh conditions of their mountain origins, most of them are small and delicate in appearance, irresistible jewels to be relished by any true garden enthusiast. We offer a carefully chose selection of the best and most reliable sorts to add an extra dimension to your spring garden. Many are bold enough to include in garden borders, but all are worthy of being grown in pots where their refined beauty can be appreciated up close. All our bulb are grown from cultivated stock.

wild tulips

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Bakari Lilac Wonder

Bakari Lilac Wonder, a selection out of the original species from Crete. Jolly lilac-pink flowers with deep yellow centers....
From Price €2.50

Batalini Salmon Gem

Batalini Salmon Gem,  in its veins runs the blood of the wild tulips of Central Asia. It bears a generous cup with rather...
From Price €5.00


Chrysanta, long slender scarlet flowers with yellow edges open up to flat buttercup-yellow stars. The stems grow to more...
Price €15.67

Clusiana Lady Jane

Clusiana Lady Jane, the Lady Tulip is perhaps the most graceful of all tulips: slim and elegant carmine-red flowers edged in...
From Price €5.50


Greigii,  this beauty starts by showing off its crisp and handsome purple-striped green foliage before unfolding immense...
From Price €20.67


Hageri, a pretty wild species with neat, bowl-shaped cups held high on thin 20cm stems. The flower starts out a bright red...
From Price €4.50


Kaufmanniana,  an early flowering wild tulip and a marvellous garden plant. Long red-flushed flower buds open star-like to...
From Price €20.67


Turkestanica,  a profusion of starry white flowers with orange yellow hearts borne 4-8 to a stem. Beautiful in drifts,...
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It's a great moment to look at wild tulips!

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